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Only a shade of itself by taifun Only a shade of itself by taifun
Nur noch ein Schatten seiner selbst.
Eine leere Hülle angefüllt mit Aggression,
Wut, auf die verlogene Maskerade einer verbohrten Gesellschaft.
Wut, die sich selbst zu schüren scheint,
aus einem Strudel glühender Banalitäten
gehalten von einem klebrigen Netz von Zweifeln,
durch das sich kaum ein vernünftiger Gedanke zu winden vermag.
Ein letztes Fünkchen Verstand, das davon abhält endgültig und
in verheerendem Ausmaß zu explodieren.
Eingeklemmt zwischen Vernunft und Wahnsinn.
Kaum etwas übrig von dem, was einmal war.
Ein dunkler zäher Brei von Reflektionen,
weggesperrt und versenkt im verdorrten Salzsee, ohne Hoffnung auf Regen.
Die schöne weisse Fassade bröckelt
und enthüllt nach und nach das modernde Fundament,
das langsam unter der Last niederschmetternder Tatsachen
im faulenden Verstand abzusinken droht.

Only a shade of itself.
An empty cover filled with aggression.
Fury, on the mendacious masquerade of an obstinate society.
Fury which seems to poke itself, from a vortex of glowing banalities
held from a viscous net of doubts,
which no reasonable thought is able to wreathe itself through.
A last sparklet of mind, that keeps from exploding conclusive and in a
devastating magnitude.
Stuck between reason and insanity.
Hardly something remaining of that once was.
A dark tough mash of reflections,
locked up and sunk in the withered salt sea, without hope for rain.
The nice white facade crumbles and gradually reveals the moulding
foundation which threatens to sink slowly under the load of shattering facts
into the rotting mind.

... this is the first piece I ever wrote, probably the last one, too.
If you read this you´ll understand in which constitution I was when I wrote it. It mirrors my mind in this situation. I only can write deep meanings in this constitution, but I never want to fall back to it. Better no writings than being so depressive again ... I couldn´t even cry ...
Written in december 2003.

I hope my english translation doesn´t suck too much.
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Winny-fan Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2005   Photographer
Haste gut hingekriegt!

MidStaryNight Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2005
Wow.... :petting: :hug: Amazing....

monchee Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2005
I love your's..unbelievable.. and yes, you're right about writing: you need that deep point, locking out everything around you, and it takes you a depressive state of mind. I also felt it when I wrote my proses or poems. I need to feel it completely, and need to see every picture I imagined, so I locked out everything around me to get them back and feel them.
The pic and the writing are a very great composition together, bravo! :)
Love, Monika
the-exasperated Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2005
thats so wicked...your handwriting and the photo go perfectly together...ahh...its just so cool...and the english translation was great...spiffy piece dude!
Dragulia Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2005
Now that's what I call a MASSIVE comment of yours!! And that light bulb looks cool!
Keep it coming!
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February 16, 2005
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