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one more journal entry instead of posting images...

one more day my bank-account says 'hahaaaaa, now get out of here'.

one more day having done some so called creative work for someone, not being proud of it. I´m gonna point at this and say 'no no I didn´t do this' ...
some will aks 'then why did you do this?'. gonna tell you. fast work, no time, for a few bucks ... didn´t like the idea anyway ..

18-20 pictures are waiting to be shot. can´t get anything right at the moment. waiting for a job, that hasn´t anything to do with creativity. ok, if I get this one most of my sorrows are gone.
hate waiting.

got a new customer yesterday per handshake .. let´s hope everything will work out fine ... we´ll see.

have to get out of my actual job at a (screen)printing company ... doing the same move more than 2000 times a day kills creativity. maybe the move is not the problem, I don´t count how often I do this ... but the counter behind my back does ..
breathing solvents the whole day doesn´t support thinking either.

ok, enuf of this.

I´ve been skating yesterday. the first time since last september.
for my surprise nearly everything worked, a bit sketchy, but ok.
today I´ve got the paycheck for the 1-hour-shredding down my local spot ... everything hurts, but it´s that kind of pain that feels well in a way :)

I should stop watching TV.
Talking did it´s work.
It was 'just' a whole bunch of misunderstandings ... and my over-sensitivity in such things.
YES, me back from stoneage.
Ok this isn´t really right, when I look at the speed and service of our telecommunication providers ... hmmmm ... not far from stoneage except from the technical innovations.
Finally I found a way through the jungle of client-hostile hotlines with only a small chance getting a human opponent to the wire ...

Enuff of this.

At this point I want to thank you all for your kind comments, the watches and the faves.

I hope I´ll find some time to bring some old and new stuff online ... I´m still living out of boxes in some parts of my new home. Boxes or not, I love my new place :)

For all who want to know about the director-of-art-thing ... seems to turn out well, but I didn´t sign a contract by now.
I´m sorry to tell you this again .. I´m going offline for a while, probably until mid of march.
I´m going to move to my new home ... and because the f***ing german telekom blocks other providers as long as possible it will take a while to get a new connection...

and if a little luck is on my side I´ll come back as a 'director of art' at a new upcoming company ... maybe ...

But one thing is for sure, I´ll be back!

I found some time to submit some pictures before I leave. Hope you like them.
I want to thank you all for your comments, the favs, the watches ...
My message centre exploded since I´m back here ...
Please leave me some time. I´ll try to answer all of your kindness.
But please don´t be angry if I forget the one or the other...


Hugs out to you all!
Today I released some more pictures of my sports series.
Issues mixed, some sk8boarding, some dirt races.
I hope you like them.
Other stuff will follow soon.
After not doing what i promised, about six months ago, I finally moved my a** and did some 'new' deviations.
There were 71 on my HDD ... 62 to go
To be continued.
I hope you like them.
After being away, for nearly 2 years mi4 brought me back here.
We lost contact, things went  ...  like same shit, different day.
I didn't expect that my account was still active. In the next weeks I'll try to get some "new" pictures online. I hope you like them.
yeah, right, i'm new here.
it will take some time browsing through all these great pictures, finding favorites and voting/commenting ...

am i an artist? that is not my decision, it's yours.
some people may like my work, some won't.